Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer In A Nutshell

Howdy, ya'll, from Taylor, Missouri! Yes, I am still alive. Just livin life out here and keepin too busy for blog land. But I have not forgotten my friends and readers who would like to hear something from me now and then. So for now I'm going to give you a quick summary of the last couple months. It's been full of new experiences!

I have:

Visited Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota, and stood where three states come together (Iowa, SD,and Minnesota)

Gone sailing on Lake Michigan and watched fireworks there

Been in prison(as a visitor. in case you were wondering!)

Gone to Six Flags in St. Louis

Wrecked a fourwheeler

Shot a rifle

Seen the Colorado Rockies on Skype

Rode a horse in a parade

Tried wakeboarding

Baled hay and straw

Built a campfire and cooked on a charcoal grill all by myself

And swam in lakes and eaten lots and lots of ice cream and ridden horses and put kids on horses and got to put my little brother on a horse and lots more!

I also bought a laptop but I just haven't been motivated to sit here and do much with blogs and pictures. I'm posting pictures on Facebook now so check that out. I love my life here and I'm excited to dream more and see where else God will take me!